The Ring 2: 'Brad' over at Bloody-Disgusting has pointed us to a possible script review of The Ring sequel they posted over the weekend, which came from onbe of their readers. Here's a taste...

The first scene I read were pages 11-14 and involved Rachel who is once again trying to get some answers from Becca about Samara (Becca is the girl that survived the opening scene of The Ring and was in a mental institute). From what I read, it appears that something is going on with little Aidan and Rachel, something unexplained and scary. Something is not right and Rachel is searching for answers, that have something to do with what they were "shown" compared to what the deceased were "shown" by Samara. Within this scene there is a flashback between Becca and Samara's confrontation, which was off screen in The Ring - the assumption can be made that this scene might be trimmed down to exclude the flashbacks, according to sources. It has been reported that most of the flashbacks will be removed because Dreamworks feels they can make an excellent prequel from the flashbacks and focus more on that at another time.
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CLICK HERE for a possible spoiler filled review.