Rocky VI and Rambo IV: A reader over at Movie Hole recently scooped the site with some interesting bits on some anticipated, yet possibly ill-fated Sylvester Stallone projects...

“Sly wants to get both Rocky VI and Rambo IV out in the year 2006. These are the two projects he's most trying to get made right now and why not -- they have made lots and lots and lots of money for all involved. Bill Conti is ready to record the BIG Rocky theme score one last time and the crew is ready to go. Stallone is strong arming MGM with his lawsuit and they look like they will cave in and just make the movie. If they don't, Sly is going to make an example out of the studio with why not to stand in the way of his personal vision.

“On the Rambo IV front, it seems Martin Cambell (Goldeneye) is out of the running to possibly direct Rambo IV. That leaves John McTiernan and F. Gary Gray. A new RAMBO toyline is also on the drawing boards. C2's T3 toyline proved successful and they think an all new RAMBO toyline will be just as successful. Remember all those John Rambo action figures everyone was playing with in Reagan era 1980’s?”

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.