Given that the Transformers sequels Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Transformers: Dark of the Moon both had subtitles, some have wondered what the full title for Transformers 4 may be. Last week, the brand protection agency MarkMonitor registered the website domain names, and

Of course, these domain names could be for any number of projects, including future video games or potential TV shows. However, MarkMonitor is the same company that registered the domain name back in 2010. In addition, Hasbro has applied for several trademarks for Transformers: Age of Extinction, and the domain name has also been registered.

Two months ago, director Michael Bay shot down rumors that the sequel was entitled Transformers: Rise of Galvatron with the following statement.

"There are rumors flying around from various media sites about the title of the next Transformers. I wanted you to hear from me directly that we have not yet chosen a title and anything being reported is absolutely not true. When we have a title to announce, I promise you will hear it from me first."

In related news, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura recently spoke about the inclusion of the Dinobots, which were confirmed last week.

"I can not disclose the specifics, but you can be sure that the joining of the Dinobots will give the audience new excitement. In addition to Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, the appearance of these classic roles changed, today the world's coolest, most exciting cars will appear in the film, including China's vehicles, whether you are a car enthusiast, you will feast your eyes and be shocked by them."

In one last bit of Transformers 4 news, you may recall our report from April that Paramount is using a Chinese reality series to cast actors for the China portion of their shoot. The reality series came to a close this weekend, with the production casting Byron Li as a martial artist, Candice Zhao as a "sexy goddess," Austin Lin as a computer geek, and Teresa Daley as Loli.

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Stay tuned for more developments regarding Transformers 4 as soon as more information becomes available.