Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates. We here at Lights Out have been working very hard on something very big...well, maybe it's not that big. Let's just say that I think all of you will enjoy the new LOE flick immensely.

Editing will be complete on "POTP" (ha ha ha) by the end of this week and I am hoping to get the final cut out to the Lights Out theater by the weekend. You are going to want to check back on us, trust me. This will be the greatest thing you'll see on the web all month.

Some interesting news on Kevin Smith's new project, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, came to my attention this week while fumbling through the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly. While most characters in the film will return as the characters they portrayed in earlier Kevin Smith films, Matt Damon will be playing "Will Hunting" from, well, Good Will Hunting of course. Is this just a tasteless ploy to drudge up some tickets sales for the flick? Not if you consider the fact that Mark Hamill will supposedly be playing the part of a a character called "Cock Knocker." How's that for exploitation?

Interested in The Matrix 2? Well, so am I. Some interesting pictures have popped up on Filmforce the past week that are well worth taking a look at. Who's the silver guy? That's all I want to know. Shed some lights on these please!

The Official Spiderman movie website has finally surfaced on the web...(get it? web..) If this site doesn't get you hyped for Sam Raimi's upcoming release then I don't know what will. Check this site out! And make sure to tell them Lights Out sent you!

Movie PictureOK. Can someone please tell me what the hell happened on the X-Files last Sunday? I am a huge X-Files fan and have been watching, not missing one episode since season 1, but I am officially confused! Krycek had the only cure for the virus right? He dropped and broke the flask to anger Doggett correct? They never put the cure into Mulder right? Then why the hell is Mulder still alive!?!?! How did he survive the alien virus?

If you think you know what the heck is going on please e-mail me or meet me in the message boards. Oh these are confusing times...just get me back to season 3 already.Stay tuned...~Brian