Some fans may already be heading to their local theaters tonight, to catch sneak preview screenings of the highly-anticipated Power Rangers, before it opens nationwide this Friday. It was confirmed last week by director Dean Israelite that this action-packed adventure will feature a post-credit scene, although fans will just have to wait and see what will be shown. Earlier today, though, the movie's official Twitter sent out a mysterious motion poster, featuring the helmet used by the Green Ranger. As many Power Rangers fans know, this movie doesn't feature a Green Ranger, but it may fall in line with a long-standing rumor about the movie and what we'll see in Power Rangers 2

Way back in May 2016, a fan theory surfaced that the nefarious Rita Repulsa, played by Elizabeth Banks, is actually the Green Ranger, since certain elements of her green costume match the Power Rangers' costume. When this new Power Rangers lineup was announced, many were surprised that there wasn't a Green Ranger, since this character was part of the lineup in the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers TV show. It seems there may be some truth to that fan theory, with Rita Repulsa rumored to be holding the Green Ranger power coin, and that this helmet belongs to Rita, and will be featured in the post-credit scene.

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In the original TV series, the Green Ranger was Tommy Oliver, played by Jason David Frank. Tommy would often appear as different Rangers in the TV series, such as the White Ranger, Red Ranger and the Black Ranger. While Tommy Oliver isn't seen in this new Power Rangers movie, he is mentioned, which will likely set up the sequel. This motion poster surfaced on the Power Rangers' Twitter this afternoon, and it's possible that the social media feed may be providing even more clues about the follow-up as fans flock to theaters all weekend long.

While most times movie sequels aren't a sure thing, it's almost inevitable that there will be more Power Rangers sequels coming. Last May, during an investor's conference call, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltenheimer revealed that they are "really excited" about the Power Rangers franchise, and that they could see the studio making upwards of seven Power Rangers movies. Naturally, a lot could change between now and then, but given the hype surrounding this franchise, it wouldn't be surprising if sequels were officially given the green light shortly after its opening weekend. Then again, that all depends on how it fares at the box office, especially going up against box office juggernaut Beauty and the Beast, and fellow newcomers CHiPs and Life.

Lionsgate also confirmed earlier this week that their Power Rangers movie will feature the first ever gay superhero to grace the big screen. The character in question is Becky G's Trini, a.k.a. The Yellow Ranger, who, admits during a scene that she's having troubles with her girlfriend, surprising the rest of the Rangers who assumed she was talking about a boyfriend. Director Dean Israelite said in an interview that while it is a small moment, in terms of the movie's scope, it is still quite an important moment. As for Power Rangers 2, hopefully we'll have some sort of official announcement after the opening weekend is in the books, but until then, take a look at this mysterious Green Ranger tease from Power Rangers, before heading to your local theater this weekend.