We haven't heard much about Lionsgate's Power Rangers reboot since a June report revealed the names of the five main characters, Jason, Kimberly, Trini, Billy and Zack. Fans of the original Power Rangers TV series will recognize that these are the names of the original main characters. Today we have a new report from Collider that offers new details about each character, who have much more in-depth backstories than were given in the original show. According to this report, all of these characters are 17 years old, with the original report from June listing them as 16.

Jason was a former high school sports legend, "a freshman quarterback with the skills to take him all the way," before he got in a car accident and blew out his knee. The report states that Jason is "a kid in need of redemption" when the movie begins, and that he "lost himself" after the accident. But, "by the end, he'll be leading this disparate group of teens to shed their individual baggage and find who they truly are."

Kimberly is described as "unconventionally cool all in a way the popular girls wish they were." A former "popular girl" herself, Kimberly recently returned to school after a mysterious six-month absence, but she could care less about the rumors flying around about her. Deep down, though, her new "rebel-without-a cause edgy attitude" is actually in place to protect a deep secret that "makes her feel profoundly vulnerable."

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Trini is the new girl in school, which she's used to since her parents are constantly moving for their work. She is described as "mysterious and extremely bright, self-sufficient, contemplative, but always observant." While she owns up to her "loner" status, she really wants to find her own group of friends, even though she will never admit it to anyone, including herself. The report from June claims that we first meet Trini while doing yoga in the middle of the desert.

Billy suffers from social awkwardness and the ability to communicate and interact with his peers. He is described as "whip-smart and sweet," but also "a kid with no filter," who doesn't quite understand how to show emotions or understand sarcasm. His OCD is also described as "a constant challenge," and he eventually "gravitates towards Jason" since he has never had any friends. June's report revealed that Billy and Jason are texting each other to go searching for what Billy thinks is a T-rex fossil that he found on Google Earth.

The final member of this Power Rangers team is Zack, said to be, "always the life of the party, filled with bravado and swagger." Zack has never had trouble with the ladies, and he is said to be, "a great athlete that's never wanted to play on any team but his own." What everyone doesn't know is that Zack lives in a trailer park with his single mom, which makes him feel, "deeply inferior to all his peers." This mirrors the June report as well, which claimed that Zack is recruited by a local basketball coach at a Dave and Busters, with Zack declining by saying, "there is no I in team."

If this report is true, these characters are all much more fleshed out than the characters from the original TV series. It isn't known if Lionsgate is currently casting for these roles, or when production will begin. Dean Israelite is directing from a script by Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz. Lionsgate has set a January 17, 2017 release date for the reboot, so hopefully we'll start to hear about casting very soon. What do you think about these new character details?