Did Bryan Cranston's Zordon use to be the original red Power Ranger? That's a fan theory that has been running rampant on the internet leading into the March release of the new Power Rangers movie reboot. Today, we have a little bit of proof that claims to back this up. It comes from Bryan Cranston himself, but it could mean nothing at all.

Power Rangers will finally be in theaters March 24 after nearly two years of hype. And it will supposedly reignite fans longtime passion for the franchise, giving the original TV show a gritty boost while retaining the action and humor that made it such a campy 90s classic. At that, it appears that the new Lionsgate movie will be rewriting the Mighty Morphin origins of some of its characters, and that includes Zordon.

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Zordon is played via motion capture by acclaimed Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle star Bryan Cranston. This week, it appears that Cranston might have slipped in revealing that Zordon used to be a Power Ranger, as many fans have suspected. The Red Ranger specifically, though Cranston's words don't go that far. The Zordon as original Red Power Ranger is a fan theory that has become almost as popular as the theory that Elizabeth Bank's Rita Repulsa used to be the mythical Green Ranger.

The spoiler about Zordon being the original Red Ranger comes from someone with ties to the franchise. Andrew Gray, who played Troy, the Red Ranger in 2013's Power Rangers Megaforce, was given a copy of Cranston's new memoir A Life in Parts, which the actor inscribed with a personal message. It read as follows.

"To Andrew, Happy birthday! To a Power Ranger, from a Power Ranger. Be well, Bryan Cranston."

The post was deleted from Gray's Instagram almost as instantly as it appeared, but as is the case with these things, some enterprising fans on the Internet were able to capture it and preserve it before the higher powers at Lionsgate had it taken down. Now, this could mean a number of things. Perhaps Zordon used to be a Power Ranger. Or perhaps Bryan Cranston is just acknowledging his long relationship with the show. Before he became known as Walter White, he did voice work for the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers when it first debuted in the 90s.

The fan theory claims that Zordon and Rita were Power Rangers team members. Some bad things happened, which turned the Green Ranger to the side of evil, with the woman becoming the space witch known as Rita. While Zordon lost his physical form to become a giant talking head. In the original series, neither Rita nor Zordon were Power Rangers. Instead, they were sorcerers on opposites sides of the good and evil spectrum that were believed to be at least 10,000 years old. In their final battle, Zordon managed to lock Rita away. She later breaks free and tries to take over Earth once and for all.

You have to admit that Bryan Cranston's words are rather vague. But they do bring up some interesting questions. Especially, will we get to see a flashback of Cranston and Banks in their Power Rangers costumes? That might be pretty cool. Of course, it could also be incredibly lame. You can see the image of the book Bryan Cranston signed here.

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