As Max Braverman pointed out this past Thursday, statistics don't lie. It's too bad we don't yet have a solid statistic that tells us how often an actor lobbying for a role works out in their favor. We know that Vin Diesel was welcomed into the Marvel Cinematic Universe because of how vocal he was with fans about the possibility on his personal Facebook page. But have we seen anyone else win a role by begging for the part on social media? Earlier today, we saw that Tyrese Gibson wants to play Green Lantern in the Justice League, as he pointed out on his own Instagram. Now one of the stars of The CW's The Flash is hoping to land a role in the upcoming Power Rangers reboot by utilizing the same tactics.

Like many of us, Robbie Amell, who plays Firestorm on The Flash, grew up with Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. And with the reboot heading into production soon, he's decided that he wants to take on the role of the Red Power Ranger. Yes, he was that specific.

Robbie Amell sent out the following Tweet, proclaiming his love for the franchise. Power Rangers is set for release in July 2016, and will start shooting this year. It shouldn't be too long before we hear an actual casting announcement. As you can see in an image from Comic Book Movie, the actor looks quite a bit like the original Red Ranger, played by Austin St. John. Though, it should be noted that, at 26 years old, Robbie Amell may be too old to play a teenager, as the new reboot will focus on a group of high schoolers. What do you think? Should they hire him anyway?

Robbie Amell
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange