Back in May, Lionsgate announced that the studio is teaming up with Haim Saban's Saban Brands for a new Power Rangers movie that was expected to be a complete reboot of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers TV series. Roberto Orci, who signed on last week to executive produce and develop the story with writers Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller, revealed in a new interview with IGN that there will be a connection between the movie and the iconic TV series.

When asked if the movie will feature the same characters as the show, Roberto Orci revealed that Haim Saban did not want them to completely disregard his existing brand.

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"One of the first things we did was learn and read... They have 600 pages of research that they have on their stuff. We read through the synopsis of everything they did and we are actually taking into account quite a bit of the canon in a real way. We're not just a leave it behind reboot. [Haim] Saban cares very much about that. This is something that he created. I had to go to his house, personally, to tell him, 'Listen, I'm your man. Miller and Stenz, these are your guys. I promise you I won't ruin your franchise.' And he said, 'It's very important to me, because kids around the world know what the Power Rangers are. So you can't just come in here and walk all over it. It better be consistent with what I've been doing.' And I said, 'Yes sir!'"

While Roberto Orci wouldn't say exactly how the movie ties into the TV show, he did clarify that there will be continuity between the movie and the classic series.

"It's got a continuity within the world. I can't tell you what, but it does have a continuity."

The executive producer also added that he would be open to bringing in original cast members for cameo appearances.

"Of course. That's something we want to rely on the Saban group to tell us. They have a lot of internal knowledge of their franchise and we're just learning now. We've seen it only as fans, but they actually know it inside and out, so I'd love to know what fans want to see."

He also talked about his approach in both catering to the longtime fans of the series, trying to draw in those who aren't familiar with the Power Rangers.

"Part of it is seeing what we remember of it; our generation and what our memories of it are. Part of it is seeing the fans of it today. There are a lot of kids that love it today, and so it's about doing your homework. You talk to everybody who loves it and you find out why they love it and then you figure, what is the appropriate translation of that, tonally, to now? We have the added benefit of a movie is going to be two hours, or whatever it is, so it's gotta have an arc and a reality to it that maybe you don't have a chance to do all the time. That's going to be the exciting part."

Roberto Orci added that, while Lionsgate and Saban would like to find a director "right away," they have to deliver the script first.