It may feel miles away, but with the March release date fast approaching, the long awaited Power Rangers reboot will be here in less than 5 months. With some big movies coming in the meantime to tide us over, that'll feel like no time at all in the long run. In order to get fans even more excited for th upcoming Power Rangers movie, a handful of new images fhave been released.

These images come from The Roar viral website, which is the school newspaper for Angel Grove High School. If that name sounds familiar, it is because it was the school from the original Power Rangers show. Lionsgate has been dropping images on the site fairly steadily and this week was no different. The images showcase a little bit of what high school life is like for the various kids who wind up taking up the Power Rangers mantle in the movie.

The most interesting and revealing image that was revealed this week featured a new look at the villain the Power Rangers will be facing in the movie. Elizabeth Banks is playing Rita Repulsa, a classic baddie from the original show and we've seen a couple of images of her prior, as well as a very brief glimpse in the trailer. This latest new image showed the character from the back, which is a bit of a new angle, and gave fans a slightly better idea of the updated design. Sadly, this was a leaked image, and has since been scrubbed from the Internet. It is hard to say how things will play out at this point, but Elizabeth Banks does appear to be a good fit for the part from what we have seen. It's too bad we can't show you morre at this date. But perhaps the image will reemerge shortly, as it was an official studio image and not a set photo taken from afar.

While this new movie appears to be a pretty massive departure and update from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers of the 90s, it is very clear that the producers of the movie are keeping many of the elements that fans loved about the show intact. These new images definitely make it seem like the movie will be really heavy on the high school aspect of the story, which was a huge part of the show as well. Since the images came from the Angel Grove High School viral website, that is another indicator the producers are trying to honor the Power Rangers lore. We also know that Zords will be showing up in the movie, which is hopefully something fans will get to see in the next trailer, whenever Lionsgate decides to unleash that.

Bill Hader was recently announced as the voice of Alpha 5 and Bryan Cranston, who did some voice work on the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show, will be playing Zordon in this new version. The Power Rangers are mostly being played by promising up-and-comers. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl's RJ Cyler is playing the Blue Ranger with Darce Montgomery as the Red Ranger, Naomi Scott as the Pink Ranger, Ludi Lin as the Black Ranger and Becky G as the Yellow Ranger.

Hopefully these new images can help tide fans over until the movie arrives next year. More importantly, let's hope that the creative team found the right combination of nostalgia and updating the property for modern audiences to deliver a good movie, because fans have been waiting for quite a long time to see it. The Power Rangers movie is being directed by Dean Israelite and is set for release on March 24, 2017. Be sure to check out the new images for yourself below.

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