Earlier this month, a report surfaced that revealed the opening scene for Lionsgate's Power Rangers reboot, which starts 65 million years ago before shifting the action back to present day. Today we have more details about where the movie picks up after this prologue, introducing us to the main characters, all 16 year olds, who become the new Power Rangers. While none of these details have been confirmed, there still may be potential SPOILERS below, so read on at your own risk.

The initial report revealed the story starts with the Power Rangers of the prehistoric era known as the "cretaceous period," doing battle with the villainous Rita Repulsa, before the Red Ranger, Zordon, creates a black hole and sends her through it. In present day, 65 million years later, the movie picks up in Angel Grove, California, where we meet all of these 16-year-old heroes, starting with Jason, who we are introduced to at Hart Automotive, a garage in the back of a car dealership. There, he receives mysterious text messages from his friend Billy. We then meet Zack, a ladykiller admired and adored by girls and guys alike. He is busy racking up points on a basketball video game at a Dave and Busters when the local basketball coach tries to recruit him for the school's team. Zack selfishly declines, declaring "there is no I in team."

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Back at Hart Automotive we meet Kimberly, described as a "perfectionist on every level, academically and physically," whose father owns the garage. She starts making out with Jason before getting busted by her dad. We then meet Billy for the first time, described as "brilliant in his own way," who is sitting in his bedroom when he gets a text from Jason, stating that he is on his way. The final member of the team is Trini, a loner who is seen doing yoga in the middle of the desert. Jason and Billy are going to visit a decommissioned military base to explore what Billy believes to be a T-rex fossil, which he found on Google Earth. While digging up the T-rex fossil they find the power coins that belonged to the first Power Rangers. This discovery causes an argument, and leaves Billy throwing the coins on the ground in disgust. At the same time, Hawaiian astronomers witness a meteor shower of "historic proportions," which causes the waves of the Pacific Ocean to rise after the meteor shower strikes the moon.

Later on, all of these kids work together for the first time back in Angel Grove to rescue a young mom from these heightened waves that came from the meteor shower. Then we meet Zordon again, who "reappears as a light". An 'ethereal version' of his body is incased in a glass tube where he hovers like a ghost. He converses with a robot known as Alpha 5. Alpha 5 reveals that they have been "marooned on Earth for the past 65 million years." The black hole that Zordon used to defeat Rita Repulsa didn't actually kill her. Instead it tore the fabric of time around the solar system. He discovers that Rita is not dead. Her ship crashed in Russia, where she awakens and begins a quest to find her gold and recreate Goldar by performing a series of bank heists. She will then spread Goldar's molecular presence around the globe. Zordon doesn't believe today's earthlings can ever stop her, especially since they only have 71 hours to do so. He also realizes that the power coins have bonded with five young humans, who he has no time to train. Power Rangers are normally taught from the time they are children, drawn from the best recruits in the solar system. But there is no time, and Zordon "hopes the power coins have chose well since they have no other options."

From here, our five heroes awaken in their respective bedrooms with their power coins and discover they have powers and abilities unlike before. And now, they only have very limited time to stop Rita!

No cast members have been revealed, and these details haven't been confirmed by Lionsgate at this time. It isn't known if the producers are currently trying to find the new Power Rangers actors, but if this information proves to be true, then it seems they will be looking at much younger stars for the reboot. And it was previously stated that they will be casting mostly unknowns. There was also artwork that surfaced earlier this month that revealed pink and red Zords, but we're not sure how they fit into the story. What do you think about these Power Rangers plot details?