Later this month, the long-awaited Power Rangers reboot is finally going to hit theaters. If you are one of the old-school fans that have been waiting a long time to see this movie happen, then today is a very important day. Not only because Lionsgate has released the first clip from the movie, but because tickets for Power Rangers are on sale now. So if you want to go on opening night, now would be a good time to bust out your smartphone and check showtimes at your local theater.

Lionsgate released the first clip from the Power Rangers movie online today in addition to announcing that tickets are on sale. The clip features some familiar imagery from the trailers, but now we are provided with a little bit of context. In the video, we see the gang first discovering the ship that ultimately is home to Zordon and Alpha 5. Speaking of Alpha 5, we get a very brief introduction to the character at the end of this sneak peek, and a very tiny bit of dialogue, which is being provided by Bill Hader.

As far as the tickets go, several major theater chains were given exclusive posters to go along with the sale. They are mostly a little more cartoony, but that may not be a bad thing for those that want this new Power Rangers to stay true to what they loved about the original show. Lionsgate is going to have to hope that a lot of people are eager enough to buy tickets ahead of time, because this movie is going to have to make quite a bit at the box office to be considered successful. Originally it was thought that the new Power Rangers was going to have a relatively small budget in the $35 million range, but it was recently revealed that the movie has a much larger budget of $105 million. So there is quite a bit of pressure for the movie to perform, especially considering Lionsgate wants to turn this into a big franchise.

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The movie will be facing some insanely stiff competition at the box office this month. Logan was just released and is currently tearing it up at the box office. Next weekend will see the release of Kong: Skull Island, which has been getting very favorable reviews and should also do pretty well. But the real competition will be coming in the form of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, which is set for release on March 17. That is just a week before Power Rangers is set to debut. Beauty and the Beast should have a monster first weekend and it stands to reason it will have a great second weekend as well. Couple that with the release of the R-rated Chips reboot and the sci-fi flick Life coming out the same weekend as Power Rangers and it could be very tough for Lionsgate to make the money they are hoping for.

Power Rangers cast features RJ Cyler, Darce Montgomery, Naomi Scott, Ludi Lin, Becky G, Elizabeth Banks, Bill Hader and Bryan Cranston. The movie is directed by Dean Israelite and is set for release on March 24. You can get your tickets for the movie now and you can check out the newly released clip, as well as the new Power Rangers posters for yourself below.

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