On the eve of the toy line's 15th anniversary, the Power Rangers are gearing up to "Get Powerized" with fans across the country on their eight city tour. Starting September 23 in Bentonville, Arkansas, kids of all ages will get the rare chance to meet up close the Mystic Force Power Rangers - from the current season of this perennial favorite TV show - while participating in fun and interactive activities. The "Get Powerized" tour will then rollout every successive weekend to the following cities: Boston (Sept. 29-Oct. 1), Chicago (Oct. 6-8), Atlanta (Oct. 13-15), Dallas (Oct. 20-22), Houston (Oct. 27-29), Los Angeles (Nov. 3-5), and San Diego (Nov. 10-12).

During the past decade, Power Rangers has consistently scored top TV ratings while the toys have topped the sales charts year after year. In fact, Bandai America Inc.'s toy line has been the #1 selling action figure property throughout much of the 1990's, in 2000 and 2001, and has been ranked second for the last three years. Few properties of this kind can say that they have such a history of success and relevance.

"Year after year, Power Rangers continues to be popular with young boys--whether they are watching the show, playing with our action figures, or role playing on the playground," said Michael Riley, vice president of marketing, Bandai America Inc. "We created the 'Get Powerized' tour to let fans across the country have the chance to meet the Power Rangers and experience the brand in an interactive and fun new way. Just don't forget to bring the family's digital or video camera!"

The Power Rangers Zone at every "Get Powerized" Tour stop includes cool toy demos and activities, a green screen photo area where kids can reenact a scene from their favorite show and a drawing to win a limited edition golden Megazord that is not available in stores. The free admission tour will stop at various major toy retailers in each city, giving fans multiple chances each weekend to experience the action.

A full schedule of events can be found at www.GetPowerized.com, the official online destination of Bandai America's toy line. The Web site also offers interactive toy displays, a "Wish List" feature for kids to generate their own holiday/birthday gift lists, and the new "Family Activity Page," which recently launched with fun themed activities for the whole family. The first one is the "Construct & Create Your Own Megazord" in which kids build their own Megazords using items commonly found around the home.

Over the past thirteen years, the Power Rangers have been on Earth, in space, on the moon, under water, traveling through time, in the jungle and anywhere evil lurks. They've battled Rita Repulsa, Divatox, Master Org, Dark Spector, Toxica, Jindrax and many more evil-doers - villains who have been shrunk to miniatures, tossed in jail, reduced to ooze or banished. Over time, the brand has maintained its core themes of teamwork, honesty, loyalty, courage, family, friends and above all, the victory of good over evil. With a far greater reach than any other kids' TV franchise, "Power Rangers" is currently seen in 57 timeslots each week, mornings and evenings on the Jetix action/adventure block on Toon Disney, and on the ABC Television Network every Saturday morning. The brand has established its ubiquity by introducing such words as "Zord," "Megazord" and "Morpher" into the modern lexicon.