Mighty Morphin Power Rangers villain Rita Repulsa has returned in action figure form to continue her efforts to finally conquer the earth, and she's brought her brainy husband Lord Zedd along with her. As revealed in a new retro-style video ad from Hasbro, an all-new Rita Repulsa action figure has been introduced as part of a 2-pack action figure set for the company's Power Rangers Lightning Collection line. Though Lord Zedd has previously been released as a solo figure, the 2-pack marks Rita's introduction into the toy line, and the detail given to the figure will instantly trigger nostalgic memories for longtime franchise fans.

The Rita Repulsa/Lord Zedd 2-pack releases this year to commemorate the 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary between the two Power Rangers villains. If you need a refresher, Zedd and Rita got hitched in the three-part Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers episode "The Wedding," which originally aired in February 1995. This also means that multiple wedding-themed accessories will be included in the action figure set as well, including their wedding cake and flowers. Several other accessories will be included as well, such as swappable hands and the villains' trademark canes. Taking one look at the two together, you can already start hearing their voices in your head.

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When Mighty Morphin Power Rangers premiered in 1993, Rita Repulsa served as the lead villain of the series. An alien witch, Rita has sinister desires to take over the entire galaxy, and has conquered many planets before making her way to Earth where she hopes to do the same. Voiced by Barbara Goodson, Rita was originally portrayed on screen by Machiko Soga in the first season, with Carla Perez taking over beginning with season 2. Soga would later reprise the role for the follow-up series Power Rangers Mystic Force, with Rita then foiced by Susan Brady. She was also played by Julia Cortez in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie and by Elizabeth Banks in the 2017 reboot.

Meanwhile, Lord Zedd was introduced in the second season, joining Rita as one of the show's most well-known antagonists. It was only natural for the two to get married, and while the two often bickered, their union grew strong, and together they proved much harder to defeat for the opposing Power Rangers. Ed Neil was the man in the Lord Zedd suit on the TV series with Mark Ginther physically playing the villain in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. Robert Axelrod, who sadly passed away just last year, voiced the character in both the TV series and the film.

The Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary 2-pack will be sold exclusively at GameStop, and its official listing has the release date set for Aug. 28, 2020. Retailing for $59.99, the 2-pack is now available for pre-order, and you can find out more information and see more photos by heading over to the official website for GameStop. You can also watch the unveiling video for the action figures below, courtesy of Power Rangers Official on YouTube.

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