Fans of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show have been somewhat disappointed by the dark overtones and more serious nature of Lionsgate and Saban's upcoming reboot. A new trailer was released this past week, which finally gave everyone a good look at what's in store. Power Rangers actually looks pretty good. And it seems to have just the right balance of humor. But still, some old school fans were left cold by that they saw. Well, a new fan edit should cheer them up.

An enterprising young Youtuber names Sebastian Hughes has decided to cut the latest Power Rangers footage in a way that some original series fans are going to love. This trailer recut is set to the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers opening theme song and credits. And guess what, it works. Perhaps better than the original version of the trailer.

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In the latest trailer, we heard Kanye West's Power used once again as a backdrop for the action playing out in the movie. It's a song that trailer editors seem to be enamored with. But as we see here, Lionsgate and Saban would have been better off getting someone to update the original theme song, as it gives the footage an extra added kick that was missing that first time around.

It's obvious that this new Power Rangers is trying to sidestep some of the campier elements of the original show. But it shouldn't completely abandoned those elements, as it's part of what makes the show so special and beloved by millions of viewers. And it helps push some of the intended nostalgia home. This recut sidesteps that and puts back a few elements that definitely belong.

This new video comes compete with everything from the split screen character introductions to Zordon calling forth his teen superheroes. We get to see all of the new characters in action, in their updated form. And it's evident that this is actually a pretty cool reimagining of what has come before it with a slightly bigger budget. We get to see Elizabeth Banks' villain Rita Repulsa in all her repulsiveness and we get to see Bryan Cranston as a rebooted Zordon. Alpha 5 is on the scene, and Goldar makes an appearance as well.

This reedited trailer is actually made even more amazing in the fact that not much footage has been released from Power Rangers just yet, as we narrow in on the March 24, 2017 release date. Power Rangers is directed by Dean Israelite from a script written by John Gatins. Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, Becky G., Ludi Lin, and RJ Cyler star as the new Rangers, with Bill Hader voicing Alpha 5. Take a look, as this video is sure to get long time fans amped up for the big Power Rangers premiere this spring. We've also included the original opening of the show.