Last week, a report surfaced that NBC's upcoming comedy series Powerless will feature the little-known DC Comics character Crimson Fox. The character is a key part of the pilot script, which was obtained by Bleeding Cool. Production has already started on the pilot, with YVR Shoots obtaining the first photos from the set. These images confirm that Justice League member Crimson Fox will be showing up on the small screen soon.

It isn't known who's playing Crimson Fox, since her face is almost completely covered by a mask and a hood, but this character is seen catching a large blue box, which drops out of the sky. No details were released about the scene in question, and it isn't known if any of the other cast members such as Vanessa Hudgens, Danny Pudi or Alan Tudyk were present for the shoot. The show's IMDB page lists another actress, Christina Kirk, in the role of Jackie, but we don't know for sure if this is Crimson Fox, or a different character entirely.

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The show centers on Vanessa Hudgens' Emily Locke, a claims adjuster who loves her job because it gives her the ability to help people in need. She becomes increasingly frustrated by the destructive antics of various DC heroes in her city. In the pilot script, Crimson Fox catches a train that she's holding over her head, but Vanessa Hudgens' Emily and several other passengers just want her to put the train down, so they can all get to work on time. It seems entirely possible that this large blue box will represent the train car, but we don't know for certain. The script also revealed Emily's company is called RetCon Insurance, a playful nod to the term RetCon, which is short for "retroactive continuity." This term is used often in comics to describe stories where things from the past have changed to make the present better. The pilot also reveals the story is set in a town called Charm City.

Crimson Fox first appeared in Justice League Europe #6 in 1989, with identical twins Vivian and Constance D'Aramis sharing the superhero role to allow each other to live seemingly-normal lives. In the comic books, the sisters ran a major Parisian perfume company named Revson, and they both had the ability to release pheremones that stimulated extreme sexual desire in men. They also possessed superhuman speed and agility, and their gloves were fitted with steel talons. It's worth noting that this costume does feature what look like steel claws.

When Vanessa Hudgens signed on earlier this year, it was revealed that fans shouldn't expect some of DC's biggest heroes like Batman or Superman on the show, but there will be appearances from an undetermined amount of secondary DC heroes. The Powerless pilot script also mentions Aquaman, but only in a passing reference during a workplace conversation. While we wait for more on Powerless, take a look at the first set photos, and let us know what you think about the Crimson Fox costume.