If you haven't caught up with Season 1 of PlayStation Network's Powers, there will be some big spoilers below, so read on at your own risk. The Playstation Blog has released the first trailer for Powers Season 2, which doesn't have a release date set at this time. Executive producer Brian Michael Bendis released a statement regarding the new trailer, while teasing that the second season will be much different than the first. Be warned, there will be spoilers after this point, so read on at your own risk.

"For those of you who checked out Season 1, I think your first reaction may be, "this looks different." It is. Just like our characters, we're growing into our powers (bad pun intended) and the show has continued to evolve and grow in a way we are all extremely proud of. Remi Aubuchon, our dazzling showrunner, led the charge of making some significant hires behind the scenes in the areas of cinematography, costumes, stunts, and production design. They're an incredible group of artists, as I'm sure you can see from the footage in the clip. In upcoming blog posts, I will be focusing some attention on each of these amazing individuals and what they bring to the world of Powers. But for now, just know that they have helped make this season even bigger and bolder than ever!"
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The Season 1 finale revealed that the biggest superhero in this world, Retro Girl (Michelle Forbes) was murdered, and as you can see in the new footage below, her death has caused quite a bit of chaos. This footage shows that Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley) and Deena Pilgrim (Susan Heyward) have been tasked with finding Retro Girl's killer. Here's what Brian Michael Bendis had to say about this season's story line, while revealing some of the new cast members for the second season.

"This season our storyline is focused on the biggest case in Powers' comic book history: who Killed Retro Girl? The biggest superhero in the Powers world is dead and literally everyone is a suspect. As we speak the show is filming in Atlanta and every day I smile ear to ear because the show looks so good and the actors are giving everything they have. Speaking of the actors, we have some familiar faces from season one, some new cast members we've already announced, and a few new names you're hearing about right now for the first time: Sharlto Copley is Detective Christian Walker, Susan Heyward is Detective Deena Pilgrim, Olesya Rulin is Calista, Michael Madsen is Supershock, Michelle Forbes is Retro Girl, Justice Leak is Detective Kutter, Logan Browning is Zora, Tricia Helfer is FBI Special Agent Lange, Enrico Colantoni is an ex-Power, Senator Bailey Brown, Wil Wheaton in a role that hasn't been revealed yet, Timothy, Perez is FBI Special Agent Slag, Dominic Rains is The Lance, Matthew Yang King is THX and Raul Casso is Sgt. Martinez."

Along with Brian Michael Bendis and Remi Aubuchon, the show's executive producers include Michael Avon Oeming, David Engel, Lawrence Mattis, David Alpert and Frank Frattaroli. The Playstation Network hasn't announced when Season 2 of Powers will debut yet, so stay tuned for more details on this upcoming season. Until we find out more about this upcoming season, take a look at the new trailer below for Powers.