Pimp: According to Variety, rapper-actor Pras is putting a biopic of legendary street hustler and author Robert "Iceberg Slim" Beck back on the streets.

The feature adaptation of Beck's 1969 book "Pimp: The Story of My Life" has so far had a long road to the silver screen.

It previously languished in development at Fine Line as a starring vehicle for Ice Cube. Bill Duke was set to direct the project at Fine Line, with Cube, Quincy Jones and Joel Simon as producers, but it was put into turnaround, with Fox Searchlight circling it at one time.

The plot centers on the author's life as a young street hustler and pimp in late 1920s Chicago. Sent to prison three decades later, he straightened up and began writing about his experiences in the ghetto.

Pras, who soon will reunite with Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean to re-form their hitmaking trio the Fugees, will produce the "Pimp" adaptation.