Pre-production gossip:Dark Horizons has compiled a list of rumors and industry talk surrounding various films that have been slated for production. Take a look...


Jane Fonda is apparently back in talks to play Orlando's mother who has a mid-life crisis of sorts upon the death of her husband. She had the offer early on and passed because she wanted something meatier. Looks like this is serious.

Mission: Impossible III

Despite C/W's adamant insistance that this will go in May, the draft that was promised to be delivered this month has been pushed another month (no surprise there) and word is that the project now is in danger of further pushes because of Cruise's continuing press schedules for "Samurai" and the upcoming "Collateral".


Rachel Weitz (who was previously announced as starring alongside Mr. Pearl Harbor) has fallen off. Kirsten Dunst was offered the role, she passed. Josh Hartnett is reading this weekend with two Aussie actresses - Radha Mitchell ("Pitch Black") and Rose Byrne ("Troy"), one of them is tipped to get it.

Mr. Ed

David Alan Basche (NBC's "Three Sisters") closed his deal to play "Wilbur" in the remake pilot. Want Chris Rock to provide the voice of Mr. Ed but it's a super longshot. If not him, it be someone else "urban" like that.

Nanny McPhee

It will go in April now and they have Colin Firth and Emma Thompson attached. Emma wrote the script (an adaptation of a popular British children's series)

Sin City

Robert Rodriguez's Troublemaker Studios is rumoured to be working on a film adaptation of Frank Miller's comic which Robert himself might direct. Cinematography wise there's apparently going to be a unique tri-colour/high contrast method to filming whilst casting wise Josh Hartnett may have already tested.