During an interview for his upcoming movie Standing Up, director D.J. Caruso revealed he is still attached to the comic book adaptation Preacher. Here's what he had to say, revealing that he hopes to hear good news about the project soon, but that his next movie will likely be Sony's Invertigo.

"I'm still attached to Preacher and we're wrestling with Sony because I got another movie at Sony called Invertigo, which is a big action film we're trying to get going this summer. So Preacher got put on the back burner, but we're still involved with Preacher and hopefully we'll have some good news on that soon. John August wrote a great script. I think it's one of those features that has to kind of go through the studio system if it's going to be made for a certain price. So we're kind of revisiting a way to approach making the movie in the right way."

The last we had heard about Preacher was back in February 2011, when D.J. Caruso finalized his deal to direct. The project is adapted from the graphic novel by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, which follows a Texas preacher named Jesse Custer who becomes possessed by a supernatural entity that is half angel and half demon. He goes on a journey to literally find God, who has abandoned his place in heaven.