Back in August, director D.J. Caruso revealed that he is still attached to direct Preacher, which was created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. Today, we have word that AMC has issued a pilot order for the comic book adaptation. Shortly after the original story broke at Badass Digest, Seth Rogen sent out two tweets which reveal that he is involved in the project in some capacity.

It isn't known if Seth Rogen is producing or developing the script in some capacity, but his second tweet, which lists three characters from the Preacher comic book, seems to indicate he is involved in some way.

The story centers on Jesse Custer, a sinful, alcoholic Texas preacher who becomes the vessel for Genesis, the spawn of an angel and a demon. Blessed with these newfound powers, including the Word of God which makes people do whatever he says, he goes on a quest to find God, who has abandoned his duties in heaven.

Although it isn't known who is developing the series for AMC, the names are said to be "big and impressive."

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