Just one day after AMC landed actress Ruth Negga for the female lead Tulip in Preacher, the series has added Ian Colletti as Eugene Root, a.k.a. Arseface. In the comic book created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, Eugene has a horrendously disfigured face and a speech impediment. Although he is seen by most in his Texas hometown as a monster, Eugene is an incredibly nice kid who looks up to Jesse Custer, although he is haunted by something he did in his past, which he fears may have turned God against him.

Dominic Cooper is reportedly in contention to play Jesse Custer, but it isn't known if negotiations are under way or not. The series revolves around Jesse, a Texas preacher who merges with a creature that gives him the ability to make anyone do as he pleases. After learning that God has abandoned his post in heaven, he goes on a journey with his ex-girlfriend Tulip (Ruth Negga) and a female vampire named Cassidy to literally find God. As they embark on this perilous journey, this trio encounters a gunman known as the Saint of Killers, whose purpose is to stop Jesse's mission.

Sam Catlin wrote the pilot script and will executive produce alongside Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who are directing the pilot episode, James Weaver, Neal H. Moritz, Vivian Cannon, Ori Marmur, Ken F. Levin and Jason Netter. It isn't known when production may begin. Ian Colletti previously starred in the indie Jimmy and the Fox TV series Rake.