You can bring home a classic action sequel in 1080p this June. Predator 2 will be released in Blu-ray on June 9. The new BD disc will be priced at $34.99 SRP and you can take a look at the cover art and special features below. The film stars Danny Glover, Gary Busey, Rubén Blades, Maria Conchita Alonso, Bill Paxton and Kevin Peter Hall as the Predator.

Predator 2 Blu-ray

This electrifying action sequel unleashes the deadly invisible Predator in another jungle-the urban jungle of Los Angeles. Danny Glover stars as a lieutenant who mistakenly concludes that mangled bodies found by the police are the work of feuding gangs. Instead, he finds himself confronting a savage alien who has come from a distant world to hunt humans for sport. Gary Busey and Ruben Blades co-star in this suspense-packed, high-tech thriller.

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Special Features:

- Commentary by writers Jim Thomas & John Thomas

- Commentary by director Stephen Hopkins


- The Hunters and the Hunted

- Something on the Roof

- Enemy in the Alley

- Subway Showdown

- Gauntlet Knives

- Self Destruct

- Plasma Cannon

- Net Launcher

- Smart Weapon

- Telescoping Spear

- Weapons

- Jungle Revised

- Much Worse

- Thrill of the Hunt

- Trailer A, Trailer B, Trailer C

- The Predator Goes to Town (1990)

- International Featurette (1990)

- Creating the Ultimate Hunter

- #1 Hard Core Special Report: City at War

- #2 Hard Core from Penthouse to Slaughterhouse: a Special Report in town

- Still Galleries