The new Predator movie has not officially announced any cast members, though we've heard that original star Arnold Schwarzenegger might be brought back into the mix. Today, we have word from rapper and actor 50 Cent himself that he is ready to fight this iconic monster. Though, neither the trades nor 20th Century Fox have announced this casting.

Predator is aiming for a March 2, 2018 release date. Though we're not sure when shooting will start. Production is believed to being soon under the direction of Shane Black, who co-starred in the original Predator released in 1987. No story details for the new Predator have been released. Though, it is said to be a sequel and not a reboot. And it will acknowledge some of the events that happened in the past three movies. It is unlikely that the sequel, often referred to as Predator 4, will have any call backs to the two crossover movies Alien Vs. Predator, released in 2004, and its sequel Aliens Vs. Predator - Requiem.

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Casting on Predator should get underway soon. But it certainly sounds like Shane Black has at least two men in mind for this mission in Arnold Schwarzenegger and 50 Cent. The director is, at some point, taking a meeting with Arnold Schwarzenegger about reprising his role as Dutch. As for 50 Cent, he told Sirius XM's Shade 45 this.

"I'll be doing some new feature films and stuff like that too. I'll do Predator."

There isn't much more to go on, and the rapper doesn't delve into the details of his character or the story. Fred Dekker, a beloved cult personality who directed The Monster Squad and Night of the Creeps, is writing the screenplay. 50 Cent also appeared on 99 Jamz Uncensored, where he once again brought up the Predator franchise reboot, saying this.

"I'm working on some new projects. You heard of the movie Predator? I might be a part of that project this summer."

Arnold Schwarzenegger and 50 Cent certainly aren't strangers. The duo co-starred together in the 2013 thriller Escape Plan opposite Sylvester Stallone. Producer John Davis claims that Predator will reinvent the franchise. And director Shane Black insists that it will be blockbuster 'spectacle' on par with his last directorial effort Iron Man 3, So, what do you think? Excited to see 50 Cent square off against the Predator?