The new Predator reboot, the fourth in the series, is one inch closer to becoming a reality. The script by Fred Dekker has been turned into the studio. The writer confirmed this on his personal Facebook page. The news arrived with a drawn photo of a new character, courtesy of 7 year old Angus Herndon.

Shane Black, who directed Iron Man 3, is taking the helm on this latest entry in the franchise, which has also seen two crossover movies with the Alien series (both of which were not well received). Fred Dekker and Shane Black are longtime collaborators. And they worked together in creating this new story based on the original 1987 sci-fi horror classic starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Shane Black actually appeared as an actor in that first film.

No story details have been revealed for this new Predator. And it isn't known if it will directly continue the story set up in the previous movies, but it is a sequel and not a remake or reboot. The last entry was 2010's Predators, director by Nimród Antal and produced by Robert Rodriguez. It followed a group of elite warriors who are being hunted by members of the merciless alien race known as Predators. It is believed that this update will take a different approach to the material.

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The new Predator will at least acknowledge the existence of certain elements seen in previous releases. But it isn't known if the two Alien Vs. Predator movies will be directly addressed at all. It is believed that the upcoming sequel will take a Jurassic World approach to the existing material. Where it will pick and choose what did and didn't really happen, creating a new franchise dicodemy. This will allow the filmmakers to not be beholden by anything that has come before it without losing what makes the original movie and its sequels so beloved by fans.

Predators actually made vague hints towards Arnold Schwarzenegger's Dutch and what happened to him following the events seen in the first Predator. But that sequel didn't confirm anything. Perhaps this new film will work in setting the past straight, and tying everything that has come before it together. In turn, it will also be able to hand the franchise off to a new set of characters that could be carried over in future sequels, something that hasn't happened with any of the previous sequels, all of which have had different casts.

It's possible that Shane Black could bring back any of the former stars, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers and Danny Glover. Seeing as how the director died on screen in the first one, it's doubtful he'll make a return appearance. Until we know more, take a look at Fred Dekker's Facebook post along with the first 'art' from the movie.


A character from the new screenplay we just turned in. Art by Angus Herndon, age 7.

Posted by Fred Dekker on Sunday, November 29, 2015


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