Following the news that Disney's Predator Reboot is in the works with 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg, more, somewhat speculative, details have begun to emerge. Since the initial announcement, the rumored plot of what will be Predator 5 has now started to circulate and claims that the sci-fi sequel will take the extra-terrestrial hunter to the past.

"Predator 5 will be set in the past (finally!) where it will focus around Native Americans before the territories were taken by the American settlers, featuring a First Nations cast."
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Now, while this is still currently just a rumor, it does track with some of the other details that have already been released regarding the new Predator movie. While Dan Trachtenberg will be directing the sequel, Patrick Aison is confirmed to be writing the script. The pair have been reportedly working on a movie titled Skulls for some time, with many already theorising that this could be a secret Predator sequel all along. When reports emerged about Skulls being developed by Trachtenberg and Aison last year, it was teased as a project that would "follow a Comanche woman who goes against gender norms and traditions to become a warrior," which, of course, sounds a lot like the now rumored plot of Predator 5.

This also tracks with the recent revelation that director Dan Trachtenberg had intended for his Predator movie to be a surprise. "This was meant to be a surprise," he said on social media following the announcement. "Been working on this for almost 4 years now. I am very sad that what we had in store for how you could discover this movie will no longer happen. It's a bummer. But also...YAY!" What better way to surprise audiences than to hide the Predator within a completely different movie?

Along with the fact that skulls are a running motif in the Predator franchise, with the alien warrior collecting them from his victims as trophies, and the fact that it has already been reported that the movie will not follow on from Shane Black's The Predator, it's a pretty safe bet that this will be the general outline for the follow-up, with fans finally following the Predator into the past.

The first Predator is peak 80s Schwarzenegger and remains one of the best movies to ever star the Hollywood legend. Brimming with testosterone, the movie is endlessly quotable and birthed one of the most iconic sci-fi monsters of all time. The franchise has since spawned several sequels, including Predator 2 starring Danny Glover in 1990, which saw the alien hunter enter the concrete jungle of Los Angeles, Predators in 2010, which left Earth entirely to follow an ensemble cast of characters who have been placed on a planet which acts as a game reserve for two warring tribes of Predators, two movies in the crossover spin-off series Alien vs. Predator, and finally Shane Black's The Predator in 2018.

Fans of the iconic movie monster have been asking for a historical Predator movie for some time. So, here's hoping that such a major shake up to the formula will finally reignite the franchise. This comes to us from AVP Galaxy.