If anyone (or anything) deserves the high-definition upgrade, it's the Predator.

Predator will be released on Blu-Ray on April 15. We have no details on pricing as of yet. The film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Jesse Ventura, Bill Duke and the late Kevin Peter Hall as the title character.

Predator Blu-ray disc

Sent to eliminate a gun running camp in Central America, United States Major Dutch Schaeffer and his commandos get more than they bargain for when they cross paths with a mysterious assassin.

As members of their unit begin to disappear, Dutch, Dillon (Carl Weathers), Blain (Jesse Ventura) conclude that whatever is hunting them is not of this earth. Every attempt at a tactical defense is a defeated for Dutch and company and it is only in the end stretch of their race to safety that they?re suspicions are confirmed and they encounter the alien nimrod face to face.

Special Features

- Theatrical Trailer

- D Box