After wrapping production over the summer, Shane Black's The Predator is getting ready for some reshoots in Canada. Though Arnold Schwarzenegger already dismissed rumors that he'd appear in the movie while principle photography was taking place, it seems that now would be the time for the iconic action star to make a cameo appearance. However, nothing has been confirmed and Schwarzenegger may not even want to film a cameo since he seemed to not be too enthusiastic about the new Predator reboot when asked about it.

The Predator will head back into Canada for two weeks beginning March 12th and lasting until March 29th. Reshoots are very common for big blockbuster movies and roughly two weeks seems to be about the average although reshoots for Justice League and Solo: A Star Wars Story took much longer. It's not clear what Shane Black is filming, but it's assumed that he'll be adding to the action element of the movie or even adding to the character development. Or, maybe even getting ready for Arnold Schwarzenegger to film a cameo. Anything is possible at this point.

Test screenings reportedly did not go over so well with audiences due to the comedic element of The Predator, so it's quite possible that Shane Black is going in to take out some of the humor and replace it with a more dramatic edge. The original Predator movie had some brief moments of comedic relief, but for the most part, it was an action-packed thriller with sci-fi elements that had viewers hooked from the first 5 minutes of the movie. Comedy might not be the best way to navigate a reboot of The Predator.

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More than anything, fans have been waiting for some footage from the upcoming Predator reboot, but nothing has been released at this point and exact plot points for the movie are still unknown. But, we do know that the movie will take place in a suburban area, with soldiers fighting off the alien hunters. Other than that, not much else is clear at this point except for the fact that Jake Busey will be playing the son of the villainous Peter Keyes, who is a government agent. Hopefully a trailer for the reboot will drop soon.

It has been heavily rumored that the first official footage from The Predator will debut this month, but other than that, there are no other updates regarding the trailer. The movie comes out in August, so it makes sense that a trailer along with more promotional material will come out this month. It will be interesting to see the direction that Shane Black decides to take the franchise, especially since he was in the first movie alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, though his story ended on a tragic note at the hands of The Predator. You can read more about the reshoots of The Predator through The Director's Guild of Canada.

Kevin Burwick