Things get ugly rather quickly in the new TV spot for Shane Black's The Predator. The short spot actually does a much better job at conveying just how strong these new Predators really are than the recently released trailer. Even better, we have our first look at the genetically modified Mega-Predator, and it's an insane massive hybrid alien. The Predator TV spot also hints that a recent plot rumor may actually be true.

A recent rumor about The Predator indicated that the humans would be joining forces with the Predators to go up against the Mega-Predator and now, the latest TV spot seems to hint at that rumor. The first trailer for The Predator was very surface level and revealed that a boy accidentally summons the Predators to Earth and group of ex-military dudes go in to save the world with a disgruntled science teacher. However, the latest TV spot proves that there's way more to the story than initially believed.

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In what seems to be a normal occurrence, test screenings for The Predator have reportedly been negative. The production was going in for reshoots to begin with, but it appears that some of the test screening reactions may have had an impact on the ending of the film. Star Keegan-Michael Key revealed that about three-quarters of the third act was entirely rewritten when it came time for reshoots on The Predator. This doesn't seem like a negative thing at all, it just seems like Fox and Shane Black are trying to put out the best possible movie that they can. Plus, nearly all major films go through the same process.

While the rewrites and reshoots don't always mean that there's something wrong, they have been seen that way in the public eye. It doesn't help that the first trailer for The Predator was kind of confusing and didn't deliver enough of the Predators to satisfy. While there were plenty of critics bashing the trailer, director Shane Black has said in the past that he and his brother would cover their eyes when the previews of movies played, so that they could go see a movie without any spoilers whatsoever. It appears that Black was being purposefully vague with The Predator trailer in an effort to not spoil anything.

The Predator opens in theaters on September 14th and the new TV spot may have just enough Mega-Predator action to change the minds of some detractors. The imposing figure certainly looks pretty intriguing and the new hints of the rumored plot line throw a monkey wrench into what we thought we knew about The Predator. In the end, the wait is nearly over, so we'll get the answers to all of our questions soon. Shane Black appears to be doubling down on his statement that he was going to take the franchise in a new direction. You can check out the brand-new TV spot for The Predator below, thanks to the New Trailer Buzz YouTube channel.