The Good

One can now carry this seminal, 80s film around with them in their back pocket, what's not to like? This title really holds up well in the UMD format.

The Bad

A little bit of pixilation occurs in the jungle scenes, especially when we see the movie from the Predator's point of view.

I was a bit skeptical watching Predator on my PSP. It is just one of those movies that's so big, so full of action that it seemed like my player could actually be overwhelmed by the images and stylistic tones of the film. Thankfully this wasn't a problem. While I think that the PSP really makes someone appreciate watching a movie like this on the big screen or, even a decent sized TV (of which I certainly count my 9" a part), the essential "feel" of the film still comes across. In fact, one of my favorite scenes in the movie, when the Predator g out members of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Special Forces team with the sharpest of ease, still retained both it's action and breathtaking fear in the UMD format.

Overall, I have to give the creators of this UMD credit because they have made this film work on a format for which it wasn't intended when the film was made. I guess this could be said for a lot of the UMD titles, but this movie more so because the film was made so much earlier than a lot of the UMD's that have been released.


No extras came with this UMD.


1.78:1 Widescreen. There are no bars on the screen which I think is a good thing. On some movies this isn't a problem, but when you are dealing with the raw action and intensity of Predator the small PSP screen needs all the room it has. I also was impressed with how the titles looked on my screen, as sometimes they can seem a bit blurry in the UMD format. Watching this movie on such a state of the art piece of equipment really made me appreciate the scope and size of the 1980s action movie.


2.0 Dolby. Hearing this movie in a "walkman" like capacity was truly as if I was being visited by an old friend. One thing I like about this movie, that a lot of action films stopped utilizing (probably for budgetary reasons) was the use of older music. When we hear Little Richard's "Long Tall Sally" come blasting through the speakers, then we see all the Special Ops guys holding their guns and getting ready for battle, this essentially says we are in for a buttkicking good time. They do that in today's movies but it's more comical than it is macho.


The image of Arnold blending in with the background with the red PREDATOR letters over it looks really cool and ominous. The back features more of this motif, as well as a description of the movie and the technical specs of this UMD disc. On the whole, I found this artwork to be very refreshing while still keeping itself in line with the original theme of the movie.

Final Word

Watching this film I can only ask... WHERE IS CARL WEATHERS? How can such a charismatic and good actor not be one of America's biggest stars? Here is a person who has shown they can play both action roles and comedies, and yet we rarely see him anymore. While I do like Predator a lot, it has always bothered me that he played this role because Weathers has always struck me as the kind of person who is too smart to ever be in the position that Major Dillon has put himself in.

Okay, enough of the adulation for Apollo Creed, Predator is one of those films that is so good and so solidly made, that it doesn't lose anything by comparison with today's more "technologically advanced" films.