The future of the Predator franchise is in flux. With the rights to the popular sci-fi action franchise recently gained by The Walt Disney Company as part of their acquisition of 20th Century Fox, when we will next see the extra-terrestrial trophy hunter remains a mystery, but now, Predators co-writer Alex Litvak has revealed the details of a sequel that never was. These quotes come from Bloody Disgusting.

"At the end of Act One, Royce, Isabelle and their guys are captured by Super Predators - on purpose because they allow themselves to be captured - and are brought to their ship that they use to funnel people to this planet," he explains. "There's got to be some sort of big transport. So now you get to see this transport. So, our guys breakout...and what the movie is is Die Hard on a Predator ship."

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Die Hard on a Predator ship? The Predator franchise has had its share of ups and downs, but that description sounds far too good to be true. Ultimately, it was, as Litvak's proposed Predators follow-up sadly never came to fruition.

Litvak detailed his pitch even further saying, "The idea was now you break free and now you're trying to take control of the ship with all of the Super Predators you have to fight there. And of course, all the other shit that's the alien zoo on that ship... And get this...the last thing is why Drew [20th Century Fox] was like "wow, I love that idea!" At the end of the day we win, we get back to Earth, we land, and we realise it's the future! All along we thought this was happening now, but what if these guys have been on ice for 300 years? The hatch opens, and the Space [Colonial] Marines come in!"

So, the sequel would have merged the worlds of Alien and Predator once again. According the Litvak, the studio responded very positively to his idea, with Litvak claiming that a studio head said they "f***ing love it!" but, for whatever reason, Litvak's Predators sequel never got given the go ahead. "We just kept waiting for him to say, "go write this," Litvak, said. "I can't speak to that, but I guess some stars never lined up so that version never got off the ground."

Predators, released back in 2010, follows a mixed bag of mercenaries and militia people who find themselves on an alien planet that acts as a game preserve where they are being hunted. They must join forces to combat a merciless race of aliens. The movie was directed by Nimród Antal and featured an ensemble cast, including Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Alice Braga, Walton Goggins, and Laurence Fishburne. Predators was fairly well-received by critics, with many feeling that the movie successfully took the franchise back to its simpler, testosterone-fuelled roots after a series of subpar sequels. Instead of Litvak's excellent sounding sequel, instead we got the critically mauled The Predator in 2018.

At time of writing it is unknown what Disney's plans are for the Predator franchise, though it is difficult to imagine that it is a priority for the studio.