Twitter is becoming more and more of an instant news source nowadays, and if you are looking for any up-to-the-minute announcements concerning your favorite movies, you only need to look here. Production Weekly has used the site to announce that director Nimrod Antal will start shooting the 20th Century Fox "reboot" Predators on September 28th. Just in case you were worried it wasn't really happening.

Antal will be lensing this fifth film in the Predator franchise at Robert Rodriguez's Troublemaker Studios, with Rodriguez overseeing the project as a producer. This latest thrill-fest will actually transport us to the home planet of the Predators, where a group of humans have become stranded. There, they discover unspeakable horrors, not all of which are provided by the planet itself.

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Written by the creative team of Alex Litvak and Michael Finch, Predators is set to land in theaters on July 7th, 2010.