CBS Films has tapped Predators screenwriter Michael Finch to write the screenplay for its video game adaptation Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Back in November 2012, Scott Derrickson came aboard to direct and co-write the script with his Sinister writing partner C. Robert Cargill. Scott Derrickson is no longer attached to direct after signing on to make Marvel's Doctor Strange last month.

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The project will be based on the Deus Ex: Human Revolution video game of the same name, which debuted in 2011, telling the origin story of Adam Jensen, a former SWAT security specialist who undergoes mechanical augmentation to uncover a vast conspiracy. The Deus Ex franchise was launched in 2000.

Roy Lee and Adrian Askarieh are producing for CBS Films, with John Powers Middleton serving as executive producer.

Michael Finch's other writing credits also include upcoming projects such as American Assassin, The November Man, Hitman: Agent 47 and Masters of the Universe.