Carlito's Way: The Beginning: According to a JoBlo staff member, when attending what he thought was the 10th Anniversary screening of Carlito's Way, he claims that the screening was really a ploy to feel out the interests for a Carlito's Way 2. Similar to test screening the studio passed about a survey after the film asking viewers to respond to different questions regarding the possible sequel.

Some questions asked were: What did you like best about the film? What did you like least? But then it asked a question like: Which aspects would make you want to see the prequel?—Gangster, Romance, Gunplay, Rap/Hip Hop Stars.

"Another question asked which of these people would make you want to see the prequel?: Sean "P Diddy" Combs, Fat Joe, Alec Baldwin, Jay Hernandez, Luis Guzman," JoBlo correspondent said. "So it looks like they're trying to determine if it's worth paying the millions that P Diddy is probably asking, or Fat Joe, or even Baldwin after his Oscar nominated role in The Cooler.

The original film starred Al Pacino who played Carlito Brigante a Puerto Rican ex con. After being released from prison for trafficking heroin, Carlito vows to lead a clean lifestyle, but he finds it hard when his past struggles to drag him back in.