With the midterm elections and a new Halloween movie on the way, the President Evil teaser trailer takes aim at both in an upcoming slasher parody film. Michael Myers is back, but this time, he is disguised as President Trump, complete with an American flag knife haunting suburbia. His intention is to kill as many minorities as possible. As you can tell, the project is already taking on some controversial elements of the Trump presidency, which might not sit too well with some horror fans. With that being said, there's also some callbacks to the original Halloween movie with the iconic hedge scene where Laurie Strode sees The Shape after school.

The teaser trailer for President Evil is very brief, but there's some pretty haunting images of Michael Myers dressed as President Donald Trump. The parody film takes place right before the November midterm elections, and features three young girls who are a Muslim, Mexican, and Haitian. They are later stalked by a deranged killer disguised as the current president. A lot of information about the movie is still a mystery at this time, but it has been revealed that a young Bill Clinton and Vladimir Putin will be in the parody as well, visiting the grave of a deceased family member.

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Taking a closer look at President Evil, which is also the name of an American Horror Story episode from last season, President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will be sharing scenes, riding horses with each other and holding hands, which is obviously poking fun at the shirtless picture of the Russian president on a horse. The film is currently in post-production and looks like it is leaning more on the side of poking fun at the Trump administration and its alleged ties to Russia.

David Gordon Green's Halloween premiered over the weekend to a pretty stellar response. The film was given a standing ovation and the first reactions have mainly been positive. With that in mind, plus midterm elections, President Evil comes at the perfect time. Expectations for Green's movie are extremely high and emotions are running high over the upcoming elections, so the new parody gives everybody a chance to sit back and have a laugh for a bit.

Jose Rosete, Christian Hutcherson and Johanna Rae star in President Evil, which was directed by Richard Lowly. The parody was written by Lowry and Gregory P. Wolk. As to when we'll be able to see this awesome looking slasher, that's unclear at the moment. However, the crew promises that it is coming soon. To capture the hype of the new Halloween and the midterm elections, they have a pretty small window, so hopefully they're able to complete the film and have it out in time. Until then, you can check out the very first teaser trailer for President Evil below, thanks to the October Coast YouTube channel.