DC Entertainment has had quite a few shake-ups over the past few years, with DC President / Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns being moved from all DC-related projects early this year, and Zack Snyder, who was given control off all creative decisions during the birth of the DCEU, being reportedly fired during post-production of Justice League. However, DC just encountered what is likely their biggest shakeup yet.

Diane Nelson, who has been the President of DC Entertainment at Warner Bros. since 2009, has stepped down from her position. According to Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara in a statement made Monday, Nelson left to spend more time with her family and create more time in her day. While her absence is most likely a temporary leave to help her regain control of her life, her return is not guaranteed.

"Diane Nelson, President of DC Entertainment and President of Warner Bros. Consumer Products, has decided to take time off starting Monday, April 2. After 22 years with the company, she wants to recharge, as well as have immediate and uninterrupted time with her family. This is her decision and the entire senior management team and I support this, and will help facilitate it... Diane continues to be an important member of the Warner Bros. family and has worked on many of our most iconic properties. She has contributed greatly to the company's successes, and we look forward to her returning to the Studio."

Nelson first began her work with Warner Bros. in 1996, after working with Disney for a few years. Her first big project with Warner Bros. was running brand management and helping with the cross-company logistics with the Harry Potter franchise. She became the Executive Vice President of Warner Bros.'s Global Brand Management in 2004, and remained in that position for 5 years until she moved to oversee DC Entertainment.

Nelson was not nearly as well known as other DC heads like Geoff Johns, as most of her work was done behind the scenes. While Geoff Johns dealt more with the creative side of things, Diane Nelson worked more on the logistic side.

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One of Nelson's most notable public moments was in late 2016, when she visited the United Nations with Wonder Woman actresses Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter, and Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins. At this time, Wonder Woman was declared the United Nations' Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls, which was an attempt by Nelson and the United Nations to fight for more gender equality across the globe.

During Diane Nelson's absence, Pam Lifford, the President of Warner Bros. Consumer Products, will be taking her position as interim. Lifford will likely remain in this position until Nelson either returns, or decides to leave Warner Bros. permanently. There is no word on how much time Nelson was given to make her decision, but one cannot imagine it being longer than a few months.

Tsujihara clarified in his statement that Warner Bros. and DC will continue with business as usual, despite the absence of the DC President. Hopefully her absence will not affect DC or the DCEU negatively going forward, as fans have become more optimistic in the future of the franchise. This news comes from The Hollywood Reporter.