This heartwarming story of family and priorities stars Rob Lowe as a man who gets fired from his job which therefore sets his life and the lives of his wife and daughter on a completely different path. After being fired his wife encourages him to finish writing the book he had begun years earlier. After he completes his cherished story and it is sent off to literary agents around the country, Robert Harlan (Lowe) goes to work digging ditches while waiting for responses. All he gets are rejections, which don't do much for his ego. Then one day an agent writes back and wants to sign him and get his book published. Robert and his family are ecstatic, especially when a publishing house bids on the manuscript.

From that time on his life is a whirlwind of book signings, personal appearances, and everything associated with his now best-selling book. As it climbs the charts, his life changes dramatically. Instead of making time for his family, he puts his book first in his life. Intoxication with fame and celebrity takes hold, to the disappointment of his family. When he misses his daughter's school play in favor of an event for his book, things start to unwind even faster.

"He literally has this dream come true and gets fame and fortune and validation as a writer and as an artist," explains Lowe. "He goes on this amazing ride that some of us are lucky enough to get in our lifetimes. But there's a huge dark side to that if you let yourself be wooed. And he falls into that."

Although this is not directly a Christmas film, it is touted as a holiday story as it does take place around the time of Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is a validation of family and priorities. It is a charming story of one man's adventure and dream come true. It is also a story of losing oneself and then finding oneself again.

This is a touching story for the entire family. At this time of year when we're bombarded with holiday "feel good" shows, this is definitely one to put on your "must see" list.

A Perfect Day premiers Monday December 18 on TNT.