The Good

An interesting movie that pits man against some mighty lions.

The Bad

No Special Features.

Bridget Moynahan and Peter Weller are on vacation with their family in the tense thriller Prey. Set in an African game reserve, the family is stalked a bunch of lions. As people try and come to their aid, they are killed in harsher and harsher ways. The family must band together to survive what seems like an impossible assault from mother nature. Just when you you think our characters are going to make it out of this situation unscathed, something happens to further upend their efforts.

In the end, this movie does it's best to pack a punch with it's denouement. The central theme is man vs. beast, and it's one that Darrell James Roodt seems to tackle quite well in this strongly conceived film.


No Extras came with this DVD.


Widescreen Version presented in a "letterbox" widescreen format preserving the "scope" aspect ratio of it's original theatrical exhibition. Enhanced for Widescreen TVs. The problem with movies that go straight to video is that they somewhat tend to look like it. It could have something to do with how they are shot (on film or hi def), or it might be the use of effects that could have only been created in post production. This movie falls somewhere in the middle of those camps. It looks like it was captured nicely but at the same time, there were moments that screamed "straight to DVD!"


Dolby Digital. Close Captioned. The audio on this DVD was solid. I didn't hear any glaring audio problems. This movie utilized the typical sound devices that we are used to getting from these kinds of movies. There were the ominous sounds of the family's stalkers, the almost listless sounds from the game preserve, but none of the audio was used to get inside the minds of the characters. Truthfully, I don't know that it needs to because Prey really isn't a film that calls for that.


Bridget Moynahan is featured in a dirty white tank top on this front cover. A lion with blood all over it's face and fangs seems to be lunging toward her. In the background we see the family being stalked by even more lions. The back cover shot features a somewhat unflattering image of Moynahan, a few pictures from the film, a small description of what this movie is about, and technical specs.

Final Word

This may be off the subject but it was great to see Peter Weller back on the big screen where he belongs. I thought that he and Moynahan were an interesting pairing, and at the same time I think they worked well off of one another. This movie is good because we are able to put ourselves in the position of our main characters. Who hasn't been on a camping trip or out in some sort of wilderness environment? Anybody who has will be able to relate to a lot of what's happening in this movie. Add to this that it's impossible to reason with these animals and the situation seems like it becomes more and more dire the longer the movie goes on.

Overall, Prey is a film whose visceral experience will get your blood pumping.

Prey was released July 13, 2011.