If UMDs were priced better they might actually gain some market share says a recent study of the PlayStation Portable device.

In a story from Home Media Retailing, it seems "nearly two-thirds of PlayStation Portable owners own UMDs. More than two-fifths said the ability to watch movies or TV content on their PSPs was a very important factor in their decision to purchase the device" says a study from The NPD Group.

Titled "PSP Functionality and Content Study" the bottom line seems to be that "the high price of UMD movies is a significant impediment to buyers." The study also found that "games and downloaded music files are the most popular types of content used by the average PSP user."

The information in the report polled "55,000 members of NPD's consumer panel ages 6 to 44."

"Consumers want a premium product if they're going to pay a premium price," states David Riley, senior marketing manager for The NPD Group. "Portability isn't a strong enough justification for prices significantly higher than those of DVDs, especially when the price of portable DVD players have dropped so much over the past couple of years."