The marketing campaign for Priest is in full swing, with the action-adventure set to hit theaters on May 13. Screen Gems has started to roll out brand new theatrical standees...But these are no ordinary standees. There is a special message hidden inside the coded area at the bottom of this promotional tool, where you can access special material from your smartphone. Take a look at the mobile marker, which can also be scanned by your phone, and the full standee below. Read on for more information.

Priest Standee Mobile Marker
Priest Theatrical Standee
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All you have to do is download a special app from GetTag.Mobi on your smartphone and scan the coded area. After scanning the mobile marker, you will see a special video message from star Maggie Q, along with an animated prologue segment by Genndy Tartakovsky.

CLICK HERE to download this app for your mobile phone and delve deeper into the world of Priest.