It's been almost two month's since the untimely passing of musical icon Prince, born Prince Rogers Nelson. It was finally revealed today what caused his death, with the Midwest Medical Examiner's office releasing an official statement. Prince died from an accidental drug overdose. He was taking the opioid painkiller fentanyl.

The Associated Press was the first to release the news. The singer and songwriter passed away on April 21 at his Minnesota home and studio affectionately known as Paisley Park. Prince Rogers Nelson was just 57 at the time of his death.

In the week leading up to his death, Prince had become hospitalized. Sources close to the singer claimed he was suffering from a bout of the flu. An autopsy was performed immediately after his passing. The office statement from the Midwest Medical Examiner's Office said this.

"Gathering the results will take several days and the results of a full toxicology scan could likely take weeks."

In the days following Prince's death, medical director of a California outpatient addiction clinic Dr. Howard Kornfeld confirmed that he was scheduled to meet with Prince in Minneapolis on April 22. He was set to devise a treatment plan for the 80s icon. Kornfeld's son Andrew actually went in his place, arriving at Paisley Park on the morning of Prince's death. It was Andrew who found Prince unconscious and called 911.

Andrew Kornfeld had Suboxone in his possession that morning. The drug is used to treat opioid cravings, and was intended for Prince. Kornfeld handed the drug over to the authorities. Fentanyl falls into the opioid class of drugs, which also includes such prescriptions painkillers as hydrocodone, oxycodone, and morphine. It also includes heroin.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that opioids are responsible for the majority of fatal drug overdoses across the globe. In the states, the drug is responsible for 14,000 deaths in 2014 alone. Most prescriptions from a doctor. It isn't known what further information will be released about Prince's death at this time, but we will keep you updated if more news breaks.