Morningstar Films and Kindred Media Group announced today that principal photography has been completed on Tooth and Nail directed by Mark Young. It is the second film Kindred has produced with director Mark Young and Kindred's fourth film in production this year.

Produced by Kindred's Jonathan Sachar who's 2006 credits include (One Part Sugar, 7-10 Split, Senior Skip Day, and Cosmic Radio), along with Patrick Durham (Hoboken Hollow, 7-10 Split), Tooth and Nail is a suspense thriller set in the horror genre that tells the story of a group of young people, called Foragers, that fight to survive against a band of Rovers, in a post-apocalyptic world which has been depleted of fossil fuels.

Tooth and Nail began production in November of 2006, and stars Michael Madsen (Resevoir Dogs, Kill Bill, Sin City), Vinnie Jones (X-Men: The Last Stand, Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrells), Robert Carradine (The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Revenge of the Nerds, Ghosts of Mars), Rider Strong (Cabin Fever, The Secret Pact, Boy Meets World), Nichole DuPort (Southern Gothic) and Rachel Miner (The Black Dahlia, Bully, Guiding Light), and Michael Kelly (Dawn of the Dead, Invincible, Unbreakable, Man on the Moon).

Mark Young has previously written and directed Southern Gothic starring Yul Vazquez and William Forsythe for Kindred who also picked up Young's first feature, Phreaker starring Eric Wippo.

Executive Producers on the film include Kindred's Jeffrey D. Erb and Joe Nicolo.

The film was produced at the former site of the Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute, a site that was scouted by the Greater Philadelphia Film Office. The leading force behind the film being shot in Pennsylvania was Sharon Pinkenson of the Greater Philadelphia Film Office and Jane Saul at the Pennsylvania Film Office. The production took advantage of the new State incentive program, Creativity in Focus: The Pennsylvania Film Production Grant Initiative.

Not only was Sharon Pinkenson instrumental in assisting on locations, crew, and the grant, but she was only a phone call away throughout the entire shoot from pre-prep through every aspect of production.

Producer Jonathan Sachar said, "Pennsylvania is a great place to film, tons of support from all governmental levels, very user friendly. Where else could you close a major bridge? Very impressive."

Patrick Durham said, "I'm moving from Los Angeles to a place more like this, less traffic and real people."

Jeffrey D. Erb, President of Kindred Media Group said, "This has been an exciting film to be intimately involved in. Everyone on the team pulled together a fabulous picture. We owe Sharon Pinkenson at the Greater Philadelphia Film Office and Jane Saul at the Pennsylvania Film Office a mountain of gratitude. Without their assistance on the location and the grant initiative, this picture never would have happened here."