Blade: Trinity: Numerous sources (including IMDB, and Hollywood Reporter) have confirmed that World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler, Triple H (othwerise known as Michael Paul LeVesque), will be the next to follow the Rock out of the ring and into film. Eager to fill Hollywood's current action hero void, Triple H has landed two high profile roles for the immediate future.

His first project will be a supporting role in New Line's Blade: Trinity, the final chapter in David Goyer's Vampire-Hunter franchise. It is said that he will be one of the villains who goes up against Wesley Snipes, and

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while no hard details have been released on who his character will be yet, it is rumored that he will be filling the role of Grimwood, a sinister hulking vampire with metal teeth.

Triple H's second project is a film called "Jornada del Muerte" (or Journey of Death), a modern day western which will center around motorcycle gangs, drug trafficking, and broken codes of honor. He will be the main character, and the role is said to have been written exclusively for him. Jornada del Muerte is being written by John Milius, and will be produced by the newly formed WWE Films. Milius is best known for his Academy Award nominated Apocalypse Now and has said of Triple H that he, "has a great sense of humor and rare combination of accessibility and inherent nobility. He is a working man's hero, something that has been missing in movies for a long time."

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