The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: IGN's Filmforce is reporting a rather amusing bit about a quarrel between star, Sean Connery, and director, Stephen Norrington, on the set of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

"An anonymous actor on the set," claims that tensions between Norrington and Connery festered into an altercation where the director "requested lead star Sean Connery punch him in the face."

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WENN's source claims that Norrington, overwhelmed by stress, "walked up to the legendary star and shouted, 'I'm sick of it. Come on, I want you to punch me in the face!' However, Connery declined, and left the set until the filmmaker had calmed down. The source adds, 'It's been a tough shoot. One of the film's sets in Prague was ruined because of the floods and Norrington was under pressure. It's not helped by the fact that he's always shouting and screaming at people, and some of the cast and crew are sick of it.'"

CLICK HERE for the full account, as well as the current filming status in Malta, as well as the current situation in Prague where floods have overwhelmed the set. Thanks to 'Stax'.

Freddy vs. Jason:Coming Attractions has gotten a pretty juicy scoop from an actor who recently auditioned. The production company has been recently casting for Freddy vs. Jason in search for a Jason able to "emote his inner feelings". here's what he had to say:

"Auditioned for Jason the other day, which included 5 pages of copy without a single line for Jason. The idea was that you would stand there with a video cam doing an extreme close-up of your eyes while the auditioner read the copy."

"I haven't heard back from them, so I guess I wasn't up on my 'eye acting.'"

"The only spoiler info I have to offer is the scene we were given in which Jason first meets Freddy. Jason is on one of his typical killing sprees down at the lake when his dead victim begins morphing into dozens of his past victims.

"Freddy then makes his appearance with a deal for Jason - to help Freddy (just risen from the grave) carry out his revenge."

Thank to Coming Attractions!

Movie Picture{13}{14} recently talked with creators of the WB's {15}, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, who have also been helping Sam Raimi prep the script for {16}:

“We can't really talk too much about the story -- because the X-Men will be sent out to kill us -- but you will see Peter grow and evolve,” Gough said when asked what’s in store for Peter Parker in part 2. “That's really the story Sam wants to tell. You'll see him grow as a person, a superhero and in all his relationships.”

They also commented on how they struck the deal to write the second film:

“We got a call from Columbia Pictures and we went and had a meeting,” Gough said. “They actually took us over to the set of the first SPIDER-MAN and we met Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire, and [Producer] Laura Ziskin. And they basically said they'd like us to consider writing the sequel because they really like SMALLVILLE and SHANGHAI NOON. And you call us up and invite us to the set like that, nine out of 10 our answer will be 'yes.' We were told once, 'You guys had done the Marvel Comics version of Superman.' So to have Marvel Comics come to us and ask us to get involved in this, that was a real thrill!”

They also wanted to let fans know that they have "done their homework" in regard to writing the sequel:

“We've read a lot of comics now and we've also read the ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN books” he said. “We have definitely done our homework.”

Thanks to Cinescape!

Kill Bill: The past 3 days Harry Knowles over at Ain't It Cool news has been giving some pretty in depth reports from the set.

CLICK HERE for day one's set report.

CLICK HERE for day two's set report.

CLICK HERE for day three's set report.

X-Men 2: For some unexplained reason, the Comic-Con footage from X-Men 2 has mysteriously vanished fom this air. Lucky for YOU we were way ahead of this game.

javascript:;|CLICK HERE now for the Comic-Con footage that got everyone so excited!

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