Mark Millar is one of the most successful comic book creators working in Hollywood right now. His stories have been adapted into many blockbusters, including Kingsman, Kick-Ass, Logan and Captain America: Civil War. And now Netflix has announced that Matthew Firpo and Ryan Firpo will be writing the screenplay for an adaptation of Millar's Prodigy series for the streaming giant.

Matthew Firpo and Ryan Firpo are known for their work on the upcoming MCU movie Eternals, about a race of godlike beings that live on Earth in secret, until they are forced out of hiding by a hostile race of aliens. The duo will also be writing the screenplay for Margot Robbie starrer 'Ruin'.

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The Prodigy comic series follows the story of one Edison Crane, the smartest man in the world. So advanced is Crane's mind that it allows him to operate at a superhuman level, with a computer-like memory, incredible observation powers and masterly over a staggering array of subjects. Additionally, Crane is a peak human athlete and has a savvy business sense.

All these advantages have allowed Crane to become one of the richest men in the world. But now a major problem for him is boredom. To battle that problem, Crane takes on assignments from world governments to solve problems that no one else can. This sets the stage for a series of globe-trotting adventures where Crane matches his wits and brawn with the deadliest challenges the world has to offer, while always managing to come out on top.

The series has been described as 'James Bond meets Bruce Wayne without the bat mask', and was developed by Millar under Netflix specifically to be made into a production. The streaming giant has been on a dedicated drive for years now to snap up righs to every book, comic or stage play that could be adapted into a film or series, and with Prodigy, they went one step further by commissioning the comic series by Mark Millar with the specific intent of turning it into a feature.

The six-part series will be made into a full-length movie, perhaps something along the lines of Kingsman, with Millar once describing his work on Edison Crane in the following manner.

"The entire Millarworld library Netflix acquired when they bought our company last year has a crazy number of franchises, but I wanted to do one that genuinely topped them all. Stan created the Marvel Universe, but he's best-remembered for Spider-Man. Ian Fleming created Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but he'll always be known for Bond. So I wanted to create the character that outshines everything else I've ever done and that's Edison Crane."

Netflix has already been hard at work adapting another one of Millar's work for their platform, the superhero drama Jupiter's Legacy about a group of young metahumans who must deal with the legacy of heroics of their parents. Unfortunately, with the Coronavirus causing worldwide movie production schedules to go off the rails indefinitely, it remains to be seen when Jupiter's Legacy or Prodigy will see the light of day. This news arrives from Discussing Film.

Neeraj Chand