Flash Gordon: Director Stephen Sommers (The Mummy) has been developing a big screen remake of Flash Gordon for months now. Now Playing Magazine recently caught up with producer Bob Ducsay who revealed some details about the approach the team is taking to bring this remake to the big screen...

“We’re in the process of developing it,” Ducsay, who produced Van Helsing and The Mummy Returns, tells Now Playing Magazine. “It in fact is actually going back to a lot more of the original source material for Flash and is not based on the 1980 movie. And tonally, as sort of broad entertainments as the films we make are, clearly we haven’t ever worked at that level of camp. So we’re not moving in that direction at all. There’s all kinds of material. There’s comics. There’s serials. So all of those things provide source material.”

And while the film is being actively developed, it’s still unclear who’s actually going to write or direct the project when the time comes.

“[Stephen] is not committed to directing,” says the producer. “What really happens is he comes across a screenplay, or he writes a screenplay, that he’s interested in. And it really always comes down to the script, and since these things are works in progress it’s really hard to say. For him as a director, I don’t think he’s really settled on what it is that he’s going to do next.”

Aside from the space-faring Flash and his adventures against Ming the Merciless, Ducsay and Sommers have several other projects on the table at the moment.

“We actually have a few movies in development,” he says. “Flash Gordon… Airborn is another sort of adventure type movie that we’re also developing. But then we also have things like A Flame Over India, which William Goldman is writing for us. It’s an adventure movie, but it’s really in the style of a David Lean movie. It’s not filled with visual effects, and it’s quite a wonderful movie.”