Bloody Disgusting caught up with Platinum Dunes producer, Brad Fuller, to discuss the progress of the proposed prequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Here's the latest on the film's development...

"We are locking picture on 'Amityville' in the next two weeks and things are a little nuts. RELATED: Legendary's Texas Chainsaw Massacre Reboot Is Going Straight to Netflix

As for TCM2 (actually it's a prequel so maybe it should be -1) we have a draft of the script and are in the process of hiring another writer to expand on the origin elements of the story. We hope to have that draft in in the next two months. Ideally we should be shooting this summer in Austin.

Our intention is to out do ourselves. Since we started the company with Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it holds a special place for us and as such we have no intention of diluting it by churning out bad sequels/or prequels.

Leatherface will be back, and we hope to bring back the entire family, but all that remains to be seen. It is dependant on the script and the actors availability."

Thanks to 'Brad' for the update.