Final Destination 3: In a recent interview with, producer Craig Perry told the site about the plans for a 3rd Final Destination film...that is, IF sales of Final Destination 2 are big enough.

Will there be a Final Destination 3?

Talk to me in a week once the DVD sales come in [for Final Destination 2.

It's contingent on DVD?

It's going to help push it to that level , yes.

Was theatrical not enough?

Theatrical was slightly less than it was on the first movie. Still more than enough to turn an ample profit, but I think they'll get a real landscape with how much they want to spend on a third one based on [DVD]. Because three years ago when the DVD was released for Final Destination 1, there weren't as much hardware. Now there's tons more hardware. We want to see how it does.

Are there any ideas yet?

We've been banging around a few ideas, but those are really hard to come by so I'm going to keep quiet.

What other accident could there be?

You did a plane, a car