Superman V:Dark Horizons recently sat down with producer Dan Henderson to talk about the progress of the next Superman film. Here's what he had to say:

"No casting is taking place...McG hasn't signed...Jon Peters is one of the producers and J.J. Abrams is [still] the writer". Those who are onboard include: Owen Paterson as the Production Designer and Kym Barrett as the Costume Designer. A list of confirmed crew members can be found here, whilst the likes of Dean Satkowski, Judy Bowman, Mark Zuelzke, Bruce R. Hill and Diana Zock are all off the project. At present "He says that the project is 'in development' and that him, Peters, Paterson, Barrett and McG are working on developing Superman. And that he, McG and Peters are working closely on improving the screenplay". Will it shoot in Queensland? "It's a possibility" however rumours of sets being constructed are entirely false.
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