While visiting the set of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor's latest thriller Untitled Gerard Butler Action Thriller (formerly known as Game), producer David Rubin chatted about the project the two directors plan on doing next. It is a little sequel entitled Crank2: High Voltage.

Here is what he had to say about it:

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Executive Producer David Rubin: We are doing Crank2 three weeks after this movie. We warp this movie, and then we have officially said that we are not going to talk to each other for nine days. And then we will start production on Crank2.

Is the script completed?

Executive Producer David Rubin: Yes, it's already been done.

Are you guys going to shoot the sequel in Los Angeles?

Executive Producer David Rubin: Well, the story takes place in L.A. So we would like to shoot it in L.A. We all want to go home.

Can you tell us what the basic plot is? He died at the end of the first one, right?

Executive Producer David Rubin: Yeah, it is a movie. It is cool. He died. That is the central question, and the way they have answered it is really exciting. It should be a lot of fun.

Does he wake up to find that he is in a video game?

Executive Producer David Rubin: No.

Is it true that he has a robotic heart? That was in a major publication.

Executive Producer David Rubin: Gosh, its funny. I saw that published, and I just kind of chuckled. I don't know if you would call it robotic. That's a real stretch. It is really funny, though. And very clever. I remember shooting Crank, and we were doing the scene were he died. We were all laughing, "There will never be a sequel to this movie." But those guys are so unique, and their vision is so specific to them. If you are excited about their vision, and you are into that, you will really love the way they have solved this situation. It is really great.

I heard that there are some people that died in Crank 1 that come back in Crank 2?

Executive Producer David Rubin: Yeah, you never know with these guys. Are they really alive, or are they really not? Are they really those people, or are they really not? Maybe they are just related to them.

Are there any new actors joining the sequel?

Executive Producer David Rubin: There could be. We have a lot of ideas right now about Crank 2. And we have a lot of really exciting stuff that the fans are going to dig. It's a process of fantastic idea elimination. These guys like to work with a lot of ideas. And we are constantly exploring them and taking them to their fullest potential. We have to see which one is going to live. I think 2 is the same thing. Ideas are constantly evolving and changing. The greatest thing about these directors is, the smallest idea they have, which we may not think is all that prominent, can blossom into this great thing. Like, the bald girl from Crank turned out to be this great character. Things like that. Crank 2, those guys are making a lot of notes. Ideas are still percolating. The script is great. It gets interesting. The transformation from the writing team to the directing team actually happens when we are in our office prepping the movie. The ideas just transform. The ideas find a life of their own.

How are you going to top the public sex scene from the first one?

Executive Producer David Rubin: How are we going to top that? It is great. I am not going to tell you guys, because it is really too good.

When are you guys actually going into production?

Executive Producer David Rubin: Lets see. June 15th is when the actors strike. I didn't say that. Sometime in April.

How are they going to incorporate all of their new ideas into the Crank 2 script if the writers' strike is still going on at that time?

Executive Producer David Rubin: The way that those ideas are incorporated is that they are not written. They are ideas that we execute visually. They are ideas that we execute when they are casting. And the actors are developing their characters. They are not always necessarily written ideas. We don't have things written into the script. It will just say "Battle 3". The ideas are created in the directorial process. That's what brings a movie to life. I think scripts are blueprints. A blueprint they know how to read. It is a blueprint for them and their ideas.

"Crank" 2: High Voltage will open in 2009.